Sunset in Letters

This art-book contains samples of the typeface “Sunset in Letters”. I have incorporated sunsets into the font design. At first glance, it is just a normal typeface, but if you look closely you will see a silhouette of sunset. The impression you get changes depending on where you stand. You can see a magnified version of the illustration on the right page. This art-book contains 26 capital letters but I would like to introduce you to a few letters.


A for ”Anywhere”

By placing an illustration of a train station in the bottom left hand corner, the diagonal stroke of the “A” becomes the illustrations’ perspective line.



R for “Relax”

If you magnify the “R”, you will realize that the “R” is actually the backdrop.


T for “Tanker”

Even though the sun isn’t presented in this illustration,it has been designed to represent as beautiful sunset over the sea.