Mimetic Maps

Maps camouflaged as meats
Mimetic Maps is an art-book which visualizes unexpected similarities between meats and maps. The objective of this work is to suggest a new perspective on the world map.
地形図を食肉のある光景にカモフラージュした。世界地図からある国々の輪郭線を抽出し、肉の赤身や脂身に見立てて着彩を施すことで、 双方の意外なリアリティの邂逅を様々な形でヴィジュアライズする。例えば、フィンランドの陸地を赤身に、湖沼や川を脂身として擬態させてみる。すると、それらが牛肉のイメージと重なって浮かび上がる。南東部には凝縮された霜降りの旨味を視覚的に感じられる。その脂身は実在する湖や沼なのである。それぞれに名前があり、人や魚や動物の生活が息づいている形なのだ。

1. Finland sirloin steak
Finland Sirloin Steak, one of main feature of the book, looks just like a raw sirloin steak. However, its shape is a trace of Finland mapdata (c) OpenStreetMaps CC 2.0 CC-BY-SA. I’ve made lakes and rivers in Finland to look as though they’ve been covered in salt. The interesting thing about this work is how it presents a new perspective when it has been colored in red. Salted areas which are the lakes and rivers do really exist in the world.

2. An Finland Shabu-shabu
Using Finland’s map, I’ve also made representation of Shabu-shabu*. In Japanese supermarkets, you will see meat being sold like below.
*Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish where you dip slices of meats and vegetables into a pot with boiling hot water.

3. Variation
The island of Taiwan has been turned into a raw fillet steak. You can image its rich thick taste.Cuba’s Territorial waters have become three slices of pork.
3. 豚肉やフィレ


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