Gitai is an experimental design zine project by Tomoyuki Koseko, founder of koseko design&press, based in Japan. The theme is how could create amazing expressions inspired by concept of Mitate, which has been used in Japanese traditional art practices like zen gardens for centuries. As Gitai means mimicry in Japanese, we create and distribute “wow” through art book fairs, independent bookshops and exhibitions.

craft + design goods
(koseko kiosk)

Since the Industrial Revolution, design has been around for over 150 years. There are a variety of social roles in design: to make beautiful things, to make commercial products, to solve social problems, etc. we visualize new perspectives on our daily objects and deliver them to people all over the world. Please CLICK HERE to contact us for art book, artwork and design etc. projects.

graphic design

Our mission is to be part of the distribution of creativity through bookmaking and to create an environment where people can express themselves more freely. In order to protect people from the oppression of expression, we aim to be an independent publishing movement, dealing directly with the market and selling our books face to face. We are also involved in planning, design and production.

  • Research and practice of visual culture, including mimicry.
  • High quality publications and works
  • Active exchange with independent publications from different cultures.