Finland gray cattle


Finland gray cattle, October 2016, Tomoyuki Koseko

Finland, Taiwan, Cuba

Finland, Taiwan, Cuba, October 2016, Tomoyuki Koseko

Pattern of Finland Shabu-shabu

maps camouflaged as shabushabu

Using Finland’s map, I’ve also made representation of Shabu-shabu

Taiwan Fillet


The island of Taiwan has been turned into a raw fillet steak. You can image its rich thick taste.

FinlandSirloinSteak’s original map

FinlandSirloinSteak’s original map

Pattern of Finland Sirloin Steak

Finland sirloin steaks on sale!

Finland Sirloin Steak


Finland Sirloin Steak, one of main feature of the book, looks just like a raw sirloin steak. However, its shape is a trace of Finland


Koenji, Tokyo Japan

storage books


Storage books is one of the largest art-book&zine shop in Kobe, Japan.

KEY’S METROPOLIS coming soon


“Keys Metropolis” is my 4th art-book that visualises the similarity between keys and Metropolis.I have created a series of metropolis illustrations which are made up of keys. At first glance, they look like just big cities, but if you turn the book upside down, all the buildings change to just normal keys. Its impression depends on the direction of keys. By scanning the QR code on bottom right of the pages, you can view the metropolis of 360 degrees by VR.

mimetic maps coming soon!


now printing…

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